GolfKaddie is a golf shot adviser app; simply adjust the slider to set the desired distance, GolfKaddie will recommend the best club. The app will compensate for down hill and up hill shots; embedded with-in the app is a knowledge base used to improve your golf game, to advise you on correct golf swing mechanics, golf etiquette, golf rules, shot adjustments, punch shot method, bunker shot mechanics, information is available for just about any shot on the course.

 You customize the app by entering your average club distance and position for each club, GolfKaddie does the rest. (refer to GolfQuest for club distance measurements)  

 The app includes a handy score card to keep track of your round; in addition to club distance calculations the app has a text field for shot tweaks. The tweaks will remind you of those subtle adjustments that create those great shots at the driving range; now you will be able to take those great driving range shots with you out to the course.

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